Giovanna Calogiuri

Giovanna Calogiuri was born in Italy, and moved to Norway in 2010, after gaining her PhD in Physical Activity and Health from the University of Milan. Inspired by Norway’s friluftsliv, she shifted the focus of her research on the synergic benefits of physical activity and contact with nature.

Giovanna Calogiuri is Professor in Health Sciences at the University of South-Eastern Norway – Science Center Health and Technology, and Chair at Drammen Municipality

She has worked on different studies on the health benefits of green exercise (any physical activity in presence of nature), as well as how nature can help people supporting an active lifestyle. She has been working with internationally known researcher in this field, among other things, she is part of the EU-funded project GoGreenRoutes, which focuses on nature-based solutions to enhance the physical and mental health of urban residents across Europe. Giovanna co-authored over 30 scientific publications on this topic, and gave numerous presentations at international conferences and other popular-scientific events.


In the past four year, together with her colleagues, she has been studying the concept of virtual nature, investigating the extent to which this technology can be used to promote health and to reconnect people to nature experiences.


We look forward to become inspired by her at TEDxDrammen 2021!


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