Ketil Stoknes

Ketil Stoknes is educated as a biologist and ecologist at the University of Oslo. Well established in the waste industry, he also just completed a PhD in microbiology, titled “Circular Food”.


He is passionate about the power of natural systems and cycles, which can potentially solve the big challenges of our time. To him, nature is a textbook of solutions we can adapt to fix the piles of organic waste and the lack of sustainability in current food production. In fact, billions of years of evolution made sure there was no such thing as waste – until the industrial revolution messed something up. Still, growing up in the times of traditional industry and engineering, Ketil has never in his work been able to make up his mind if he should take the standpoint of the techno-fix engineer, or of the naturalist, who leaves it up to nature’s more emergent solutions. He therefore usually ends up trying both, at the same time, combined – just like we’ll have to do to make a living on Mars. According to Ketil, our engineered waste-to-food systems just need a little rewilding.


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