Lars Erik Hilsen

Lars Erik Hilsen is a 53 year old man, married, with two teenage children, who is part of a family that does not wear out sofas. They are always on the go, juggling the joys and demands of work life and leisure activities. He is a guy who loves all things high tech and fun (like sports cars and sailboats), though nothing beats a long hike followed by a slightly sweaty yellow cheese slice. He enjoys working at the board member level setting the direction of the company as well as working on the ground, collaborating with operators on the shop-floor regarding how to solve today’s production challenge.

He works with Kavli and Q, a company that gives its profits to good causes. They have employees from all over the world who share a passion for taking the company further and constantly creating new products for our customers. As supply chain director, he is responsible for everything that happens between the collection of raw materials and the finished product arriving at your store. This work involves a lot of people, and no day at work is quite the same. The joy of achieving something together, watching colleagues develop and find success, is very meaningful to him. It is a job that feeds both his mind and his heart.

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